About Us

Established in June 2003, Plant World Nursery is a locally owned and operated garden center. Situated in Green Valley adjacent to the Santa Clara River and surrounded by pastureland, we cater not only to retail and wholesale customers, but to folks out talking a walk or looking for directions. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable with credentials including Certified Nursery Professional, Horticulturist, and Master Gardener.

Located at 1335 S. Dixie Drive in St. George For directions, click here.

What's New

Ladybugs, Mason bees and earthworms are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, January 27, 2010.  Ladybugs are aggressive aphid eaters!  Release them in your greenhouse or in your yard to help you keep the aphid population low.  Non-aggressive Mason bees are native to North America and are excellent pollinators for fruit trees and vegetables. Install a small mason bee house in your yard or just slip a tube of larvae in an old log or crack in a wood fence and let Mother Nature do what she does best.  Earthworms improve soil structure and add needed nutrients as worm castings to the soil.  Stop by Plant World and take a look in our ‘Bug Fridge' to see these amazing creatures and have your questions about beneficial insects answered by a master gardener or a horticulturist.

Seasonal Gardening Tips

It's time to prevent weeds!  Pre-emergent can be used on lawns and rock, as well as in flower beds and vegetable gardens to prevent weeds from growing.  Combinations of pre-emergent and fertilizer are available for lawns, also.  We can help you determine what weed prevention product is best for your landscape.  Feel free to stop by and ask any questions about pre-emergent, or any gardening topic, to help you on your successful gardening journey. We have also noticed a significant difference in the amount of weds in our garden with the planting a few trees. For this particular exposure we chose Southern Magnolia Trees. These evergreen trees' root systems keep the weeds at bay.