• Classes-Plant World offers classes ranging from planting herbs in containers to rose pruning. Most Saturdays we will begin a gardening class at 11am or 1pm. These classes are always free. Just show up and enjoy the show.  Check the 'Calendar' link on our website for a class schedule.
  • Delivery-Rates start at $25 and are based on delivery location, amount purchased and needs of the customer.
  • Professional Advice-We are always happy to help you decide which plants are best suited to your landscaping wishes. You may bring in a digital image of the area you wish to plant printed on a regular piece of paper. You may also email it to us before you come in. Come in or give us a call for more information regarding this service.
  • Container Planting-Many customers indulge in this wonderful service whether it is for a wedding, a party or just for enjoyment. We will plant your containers with beautiful plants suited to the season and the exposure they will receive at your office or residence. Choose from our extensive selection of pots here at Plant World or bring your own into the nursery. Come in and see what we can do for you.
  • Plant Rental-Adding extra plants to your site can make your special event even more memorable. The cost of this service is 25% of the retail price of the plants you choose. This total includes delivery and pick up of the plants.
  • The Loft at Plant World-The Loft is available for gatherings of many varieties. For example, the Master Gardener series and Dixie Weight Loss Challenge are holding their weekly classes in The Loft.  It's a comfortable space with great views of the surrounding mesa tops.  Please call us for more information regarding your particular event.